Yo Que Se de Faisbuk?

Mi heart is like an armadillo. Mi heart I know it from my father I remember he had me on the shoulders carried me in the wet mountains. Que rico es oler el mar de Sonora. Que rico mountains.

My watch is 11 p.m. Ay que cansada. Con los ojitos de azul que me vio el viejo. Eyes laughing como KFC gringo. Ese chicken me tiene gordita. Me cansa el culo pesado. I like walkin’ home at times, but today I drove home. Ese gringo si fue bien chingon. Son chingones los gringos ahora. He wasn’t against me, pero la negrita si. Y le tengo el video.

Mi friend says es good too poo it on Faisbuk. Y si me matan? Dios mio, no! Todavia me queda mas de aire, asi este en K-mart todolavida. Inutil que soy. Pero mi padre tuvo las piernas para llevarme al aire, and I drove like a spaceship in the sands el dia we spent in Playa Encanto. Me enamore del sol.

Agh! I don no i don no… i will get fired? no no no. que mierda. Esta noche I wont sleep. I’ll give the video to mi friend y que the world will not feed my family name en el. No quiero ser parte del escandalo. Prefiero arena en mi cuerpo.

Y si yo quit? me marcho?…

A New Found Glory (HOLE)

The last time we saw each other we celebrated by fucking our brains out for hours. She walked toward the bathroom bare ass as she always did after making love, except that this time, she cried. I am stubborn. I have a stubborn boner and she likes it, but my boners droop when there’s talk of marriage. As she wept, I left before there was ever a knock at the door from the wolf ready to escort me outside the boundaries – physically marginalized from material things I don’t give a fuck about. I ran. My note with instructions was tucked elegantly inside the pocket of her favorite leather jacket.

I am not a VICTIM of the victims who like to be the victim of his policies. I just like to fuck, and this girl had the best mouth and the best pussy, that’s what made me miss America.

A wall can’t stop us. In our glory hole, I still get the best blow job on either side of the border.